"It's a pretty popular club considering you have to drive 100,000 miles to get there"


A couple of Volvo Corporation slogans that are very true. A Volvo can last your lifetime and many others after you, IF cared for your Volvo correctly and here is a fun way to let people know that you have done just that. If your Volvo is legally registered and the odometer reads at least 100,000 miles (Canadian Volvo owners equivalent in kilometers.) You will be invited to join the Club. New members receive an attractive medallion and letter of verification with ongoing recognition extending to owners who have logged 200,000, 300,000 400,000 and yes 500,000 miles.  

 Get a High Mileage Club Form from your local Volvo Dealer  and Volvo will send you a badge, (pictured above) with a letter of appreciation for free.  

You do not have to be the original owner!

Keep an eye out for other high mileage Volvo owners in your travels, note the condition of their cars and that alone will convince you Volvo is for life!